Naturalization Applications

“Naturalization” refers to the process of becoming a citizen of the United States from the status of LPR. In order to apply for naturalization, an individual must have resided in the state or district of the USCIS office where the application is filed.

Naturalization process

The naturalization, or citizenship, process has several stages – first the individual must file an N-400 application with the appropriate USCIS office, second the applicant must undergo a comprehensive background check and interview/examination, and third the individual must take an oath of allegiance before USCIS or a court.

Naturalization application & interview/examination

The naturalization interview typically consists of a review of the N-400 application with the applicant as well as an examination of the applicant’s understanding of the English language as well as United States government and national history. The examination is not required, however, when the applicant meets certain conditions (over age of 50 and residing in the United States in LPR status for 15 years or more or have learning disability that already has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months).

The decision to naturalize must be determined after a full consideration of the applicant’s history. Since the N-400 application is enormously comprehensive, applicants must be sure to include every detail possible.

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