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Evicting a tenant is a complex legal process that requires particularized attention to many details. Failing to comply with the statutory requirements can be detrimental to an eviction action and many factors can derail or delay an eviction. Therefore, legal representation is critical.

The Eviction Attorneys at Randhawa Hundal LLP are experienced with the various code provisions that come into play in an eviction action. As Sacramento Eviction Attorneys, they have represented countless landlords in the Sacramento and Roseville area and are experienced with the common strategies and tactics required for a successful eviction case.

Benefits of Retaining Randhawa Hundal LLP

Timing: Our attorneys understand the importance of timing in an eviction action. Your number one priority is to regain possession of real property and making this happen is our top priority. Our eviction attorneys are highly attuned to the applicable dates and deadlines and take advantage of various procedures to help you regain possession as quickly as possible.

Experience: Randhawa Hundal LLP’s Eviction Attorneys are trained with the various statutory provisions that apply to evictions. They thoroughly evaluate each case to identify any potential problems that may arise in the eviction and preemptively act to mitigate the effects. As Sacramento Eviction Attorneys, they are familiar with the court system in the area. The attorneys have assisted countless landlords in the eviction process and make each case a priority.

Affordable Representation: Flat Rate Pricing

Randhawa Hundal LLP prides itself with affordable representation. The founders are strong advocates of equal access to justice and work diligently to provide affordable representation to various segments of the community. The firm charges a flat rate for attorney’s fees and offers flexible payments for the various phases of the process. For example, the firm does not charge for trial until and unless an eviction gets to that stage. This has helped many landlords avoid having to pay for trial as part of a flat rate when the matter never gets to that stage.


Our Real Estate Services

  • Landlord/Tenant (Evictions)

    We offer exclusive representation to landlords in unlawful detainer (eviction) proceedings at an exceedingly affordable rate. Our stage-by-stage attorney’s fees arrangements ensure our clients are receiving the most possible value. Contact our office to learn more.

  • Real Property Matters

    We offer representation in a variety of matters relating to real property – lot line adjustments/mergers, title lookup, deed drafting, etc.

  • Mediation of Property Disputes

    We also offer mediation services.

  • Property and Neighbor Disputes

    We offer representation in property disputes as well as neighbor disputes. Contact our office to learn more.

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