Employment-Based Visa Petitions

The attorneys at Randhawa Hundal LLP also provide assistance in employment-based visa petitions. Similar to the family-sponsored immigrant visa categories, the employment-based immigration path is also split into various categories:

  1. First EB Preference (EB-1) – Priority Workers
  2. Second EB Preference (EB-2) – Individuals in Professions Requiring Advanced Degrees
  3. Third EB Preference (EB-3) – Individuals with Baccalaureate Degrees & Skilled Workers
  4. Fourth EB Preference (EB-4) – Religious Workers
  5. Fifth EB Preference (EB-5) – Immigrant Investors

Employment-based visa petitions generally must be filed by the employer – not the intending immigrant. In certain instances, the intending immigrant may file the application (EB-1 immigrants as well as EB-5). All filing fees must also be paid by the employer when submitting an employment-based immigration petition.

Labor Certification

The EB-1 category does not require a PERM labor certification. However, the EB-2 and EB-3 preference categories do require a PERM labor certification. Labor certification refers to the process by which an employer certifies that there is a shortage of qualified applicants for the particular position they are hoping to fill. Since the EB-1 preference category is reserved for aliens with extraordinary abilities, there is no need for a labor certification because it is in the United States national interest for those individuals to be employed within the country.

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The process to obtain an immigrant visa via the employment-based categories requires careful consideration of the Immigration and Nationality Act as well as various regulations. The assistance of an attorney throughout the process can be of immense benefit.

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