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Randhawa Hundal LLP were knowledgeable and extremely helpful with my case. Thanks guys I will definitely be coming back for all my legal needs.read more
Ardeep Johal
Ardeep Johal
01:44 03 May 17
This was my first experience at having to evict a tenant. I was concerned about the process and lawyer fees. I cold called Randhawa Hundal, LLP and spoke to Jaspreet. Jaspreet explained everything in detail and helped me understand the reality of an outcome. He helped me make the best financial decision. I was being emotional about this eviction and was willing to spend more to get results. Even though Jaspreet could have earned more by letting me proceed as I intended, he explained why it was best to take another direction. I strongly recommend this firm.read more
23:20 20 Apr 17
They are very professional and knowledge attorneys. I would highly recommend them. We needed an estate plan and Simran made the process easy to understand, he answered all our questions and had our estate plan done in an extremely timely manner. Their fees are very reasonable and an overall great firm to work with.read more
Janean Fode
Janean Fode
00:05 09 Mar 17
Great service! Really dedicated and passionate about the law. Highly recommend them for anyone needing legal services!
Michelle Partridge
Michelle Partridge
21:24 03 Mar 17
All around great!! Really easy to work with and really reasonable on their pricing. Had a rental that was behind on rent, they helped me get my rent money and get my house back, I'll definitely use them again and tell my friends to use them. 100 % happy with experience with themread more
Chris Guertin
Chris Guertin
23:16 21 Feb 17
I hired Randhawa Hundal for some tax related stuff. They were really good to work with and were very professional. Jaspreet was a pleasure to work with and he was very good at answering and/or returning phone calls. He was always easy to get a hold of. He explained the process to me and got me a really good result. I was so pleased with their services that I went back to them again to have my will done. The other attorney, Simran, gave me a complete estate plan, which was way more than what I was expecting.I highly recommend this law firm and will use them for all of my legal needs !! :o)read more
Navjot Mehat
Navjot Mehat
20:21 17 Feb 17


Financial troubles lead to stressful times. They not only place a strain on an individual, but also affect many relationships. Randhawa Hundal LLP works with individuals to help pull them out of these difficult times by using the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy laws to their advantage.

Use Bankruptcy to Discharge Debts, and Keep Your Most Important Assets!

The attorneys at Randhawa Hundal LLP have helped many individuals discharge overly burdensome debts while retaining most of their important assets. Contrary to popular thought, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can discharge many debts without causing the loss of important assets such as homes and vehicles.

Federal law permits certain assets that fall within certain exemptions to be retained. These assets generally include homes, vehicles, jewelry, and common household necessaries. This allows you to discharge your most burdensome debts while potentially retaining important assets.

Filing For Bankruptcy Can Stop Collection Calls Immediately!

Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy places an immediate “automatic stay.” This automatic stay prohibits your creditors from contacting you. The automatic stay may be lifted in certain special circumstances. However, in most cases, the automatic stay will stop the creditor phone calls, allowing you to focus on discharging your debts without receiving daily creditor calls.

Discharge Burdensome Credit Card Debts by Filing for Bankruptcy!

Credits cards are a way of modern life. These debts can, however, lead to significant financial troubles if not properly managed and paid off. Our Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys have assisted many individuals discharge their credit card debts while allowing them to retain their homes, vehicles, and even certain necessary business assets.

By signing a “reaffirmation agreement,” individuals can reaffirm certain debts, such as those securing real property, while concurrently discharging other debts (credit cards, for example). This allows you, the client, to free yourself from overly burdensome credit card debts, gain control of your finances, and retain some of your most important assets.


There are many other debts that may be discharged. Call Randhawa Hundal LLP today to speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney. The attorney will determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and provide you with a preliminary analysis of what debts may be discharged, and which assets may or may not be lost in the process.


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