About us.

Randhawa | Hundal LLP is a boutique law firm providing legal representation to residents of Northern California. The firm was established in Roseville, California in 2016.

The managing partners of the firm, Simran S. Randhawa and Jaspreet S. Hundal, both grew up in the Northern California region and received their educations at University of California, Davis and University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.

Our philosophy.

Randhawa | Hundal LLP was established upon three principles:

  1. Employing a holistic approach to problem solving. The firm is committed to evaluating each case at a deeper level — our goal is to identify any and all possible issues and solutions.
  2. Valuing personal relationships. At Randhawa | Hundal each and every client matters. We strive to establish more than just the attorney-client relationship. We value relationships — not clients.
  3. Providing quality representation. We understand employing a holistic approach to problem solving and valuing personal relationships does not, by itself, result in successful outcomes. Our firm is committed to providing the highest quality legal services available.

These three principles, in conjunction, formulate the philosophy of Randhawa | Hundal LLP.

Our experience.

Our attorneys have provided services to a variety of clients — from individuals to businesses. They have worked on complex international licensing agreements with local and international companies (Europe, South Africa, and Chile). They have also served as outside counsel to local corporations — assisting them in compliance, tax matters, buy-sell agreements, and overall business strategy. The firm has also provided employment-based immigration services to local businesses. Our attorneys have also successfully negotiated settlements on various civil matters. The firm has also helped many local families by assisting them with creating their estate plans.


Estate Planning

 We offer wide-ranging estate planning services — from probate avoidance to tax strategy.

Business Law

We offer a variety of services to small to mid-sized business owners. Our most popular business service is our Small Business Counsel (SBC) package. 


We offer comprehensive immigration representation to both individuals and businesses.


We provide representation to individuals and businesses for a variety of tax matters.

Select Civil Matters

Breach of contract, personal injury, employment and labor.

Real Estate (Landlord/Tenant)

We offer exclusive representation to landlords.


We offer representation in probate proceedings.

Trust Administration

We assist trustees in the administration of estates.


We value our community

We are located in Roseville, California. In addition to Roseville, we offer services to residents and businesses of Sacramento, Yuba City, Elk Grove, Davis, Fairfield, Vacaville, Granite Bay, and Folsom.


– 2013, the Foundation

In the fall of 2013, the paths of two young law students, Simran S. Randhawa and Jaspreet S. Hundal, crossed in the halls of the Gordon D. Schaber library at McGeorge School of Law. At that time, they were just two students in the midst of developing their legal acumen.

Throughout the process, the two students often challenged one another in a variety of legal contexts — often pushing the other to sharpen their legal arguments and analysis. The product of this relationship was two highly effective law students who assisted one another in achieving considerable success throughout their respective law school careers.

– 2015, the Vision

As the two students progressed through law school, they quickly came to the realization that their relationship carried with it the potential for a highly successful partnership. The two began exploring the idea by working together on numerous projects.

Although the two interned at different law offices, they continually collaborated on a variety of legal issues. As their respective law school careers were coming to a close, the contours of the partnership started to form. The two committed to the idea and began laying the groundwork for what would be Randhawa | Hundal LLP.

– 2016, the Mission

Throughout their legal experience, both partners began to realize the unfortunate inequities inherent in today’s legal system. These observations formed the basic the foundation of Randhawa | Hundal LLP’s mission — that no individual, business, or other entity should be left in the dark when it comes to effective legal representation. Randhawa | Hundal LLP’s foundational principles are predicated on providing a more human and personable experience to the attorney-client relationship.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”